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Valkyria Bronze figure

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Svenska (Swedish)

Valkyria made after model from Hårby, Denmark, Viking Age.
Valkyrian has a height of approx. 8 cm.

Armed valkyria which is probably from the ninth century. Unique in its kind as it is the first three-dimensional valkyria found. The original was in gilded silver and was found at the end of 2012 in a field in Hårby on Funen in Denmark. She wears a long dress and in her right hand she holds a double-edged sword and in her left   she holds a protective shield in front of her. 

Valkyria, Valkyries are female beings who bring the dead on the battlefield to the world of the gods. Half of the selected fighters come to Odins Valhall and half to Freyas Folkvang.
The word “valkyria” is an Old Norse word, whose prefix comes from “valr” (“those who fell in battle”) and whose suffix is related to the word “kora” meaning “choose”. The word thus means “he who chooses those who will fall in battle”.


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