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Thor´s hammer with Raven head

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Svenska (Swedish)

Thor´s hammer with Raven head
60 cm chain included. Packed in a gift bag.
Really heavy and spectacular.

Hammer size: approx. 4.5 cm
Material: Stainless Steel(316L)
Chain size: 60 cm
Weight: 126 g with chain

Thor´s hammer (Mjölnir) is forged by the dwarves Sindre and Brokk after a bet with Loki who once again disappeared among the great Aesirs and cut off Thor’s wife Siv’s hair. When he meets the brothers, he makes a bet with them where the brothers will make three gifts to the three gods he has been punished by. He himself will also arrange three gifts and if the gods choose Sindre and Brokk’s gifts, the brothers will get his head.

However, manufacturing errors occur and the hammer shaft becomes too short. But despite the error, the gods (Odin, Thor and Frey) choose Sindre and Brokk’s gifts. When it’s time for the brothers to receive the payment in the form of Loki’s head, Loki deceives them by saying: “The bet was on my head, but only my head and not my neck. As a result, my neck must not be injured in any way. ” The gods agree with this and Sindre and Brokk are thus deceived by Loki (Loki’s bet). However, the dwarves get their revenge by sewing together Loki’s mouth, which after all is part of the head but not of the neck.

The hammer has the property that Thor can throw it away towards the target, which it always hits, and then it returns itself to the hand of the god. To be able to catch the hammer when it returned, Thor wears an iron glove, called Járngreipr.

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