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Freyr Bronze figure

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Svenska (Swedish)

The bronze figure Freyr  from Rällinge, Sörmland. After a model from the Viking Age.
Size height approx 9 cm.

Freyr, also known as Frö, is Freja’s brother and they are both of the Vanirs He is the son of Njord and the father of Fjolnir. Freyr is a fertility god and has in ancient times been depicted with a phallus. He is described as beautiful, powerful and merciful.

His weapon is the magic sword Skräpp that can fight on its own. His ship Skidbladner, which can sail over both sea and land, can be folded so that it fits in a pocket. The ship also always has a tailwind and holds all the Aesirs. Freyr owns the horse Blodighove, who is neither afraid of smoke nor fire, and the boar Gyllenborste who has shiny skin and can run on land or in the sky better than any horse. His servants Bejla and Byggvir are associated with harvesting and beer brewing. Freyr´s home is called Alfheim which means “the kingdom of the Alfr´s”.

Once, when Freyr was unarmed, he killed the giant Bele with only a deer horn.

When Freyr saw the giantess Gerd, he fell head over heels in love with her. He sent his friend Skirner, which means “the shining one,” to the realm of the giants to propose to him. To do this, Skirner received Frej’s horse, Blodighove, as a gift. He also wanted to take his sword, Skräpp, with him as protection during the journey. Once in the realm of the giants, the giants took a liking to the sword and said that Gerd could meet Freyr if they could keep it. In the end, Gerd fell for Freyr, but it cost him his horse and his sword.

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