9-years Blot on the Asatru Day 9/9 2023

NAS 9-årsblot 2023


September 9, 2023




Gamla Uppsala, Högarna

Svenska (Swedish)

The Nordic Asa community is celebrating 9 years and we are celebrating with a nine-year blot at the ancient royal mounds in Gamla Uppsala, we gather at the museum at 1:30 p.m. and then go together to the blot site.

The Blot starts at 14:00.
The blot is performed by our Gydja, Lena Salomonsson.
Booking for the blot is done at the bottom of the page.
Participating in the blot is free.

Initiation Rite.
After the blot, there will be an opportunity for those who want to carry out initiation rites which involve stepping out of your old beliefs and entering the Asatru in the front of the Gods, Goddesses and the powers of the place.
If interested in doing the initiation rite, contact Lena Salomonssonafter the blot.

Is this your first time coming to a blot?
Then it can be good to know that you should have a drinking horn (or some other drinking vessel) for the sumble that are served. The sumble is generally alcoholic (mead), but there are non-alcoholic alternatives.
Also include an blotsacrifice, something organically degradable.

After the blot, we go to Odinsborg for a nice get-together and feast consisting of a buffet of different dishes:
Pluma (pork shoulder)
Flank steak
Chicken thighs
Pork loin
Sooty rainbow salmon
Cheese and jalapeno sausage
All of this will be grilled on a charcoal grill.

Vegetarian option:
carrot/chickpea patties

With herb-roasted potatoes, three different salads, three sauces and bread and butter.
Coffee and table water included.
Other drinks are not included and are at cost price.

The cost of the feast is: SEK 230 for adults and SEK 130 for children under 12.
Booking for the feast is now closed, but it is free to book and come to the blot.

Booking the feast is binding.
Only eating participants at the feast!

The background to the NAS 9-year blot.
The Nordic Asa community celebrates 9 years, it was in 2014 that the community was founded.. Since then, the community has grown to become one of the largest communities for Asatruers/heathens in the whole of Midgard, NAS has thus become a force to be reckoned with in carrying out our faith, developing our faith, but also in order to preserve and work for our culture , our approach and way of life.

Keeping a nine-year blot is something that goes back to heathen times, but when they counted in a different way than we do today it was the eighth year which was also the beginning of the ninth year (inclusive counting), today it becomes every ninth year .

In what we call Sweden today, a nine-year blot was held in Old Uppsala under the name Disting which lasted for eight nights, then it was held all Swedish things, market etc. and of course blot. It was required by law that everyone should attend the Disting, if you couldn’t attend you had to be fined.
The timing of the Disting was at the full moon in the moonmonth Disting Moon, which is the third full moon after the first new moon after the winter solstice. This places the disting at the beginning of spring.

However, the Nordic Asa community has chosen to hold the nine-year blot on the Asatru Day, which is the ninth of September (9/9). The Asatru Day is something that NAS has created to highlight Asatru, it is a day that we together with family, friends and relatives gather to pay attention to our ancient Nordic faith, we expose ourselves for the sake of the powers that be without demanding anything in return.

Photography and video recording can occur on all the community’s Blot and events and then published on the community’s various platforms.


Evenemanget har redan varit


Arranged by: Nordiska Asa-samfundet

  • Gamla Uppsala, Högarna

Dates & Times:

  • September 9, 2023 00:00   -   00:00
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